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2024 June 11 - In the headlines
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Whether it is to discover a new region or a moutain range, or to escape one's daily life for a few days, the roving trail routes should be of interest for you! From classics such as the Tour du Mont-Blanc to other routes you may have never heard of... Discover a selection of roving trail routes for your next trip, among the routes of the Espaces Trail network.

2 days
Le Tour des cabanes (Val d'Hérens, Switzerland)
39 km • 2730 d+

Trail tour du Lac d'Aiguebelette (Lépin-le-Lac, Savoie 73)
61 km • 2910 d+

2 or 3 days
Le Grand Tour du Puy Mary (Mandailles-Saint-Julien, Cantal 15)
72 km • 3560 d+

Le grand tour du Quercy (Salviac, Lot 46)
111 km • 2900d+

3 days
L'Île Rousse - Tartagine (L'Île Rousse, Corse 2B)
86 km • 3600 d+

4 to 6 days
Tour du Mont-Blanc (Vallorcine, Haute-Savoie 74)
167 km • 10115 d+

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