Prepare competition routes

For over 10 years, Trace de Trail has been developing functionalities specially designed for competition organizers. To have access, you need to be identified as an association, local authority or company on the site. Check this in My user space > My info.

We'd like to introduce you to these features, which will enable you to make the most of your routes and your event :

Specificities of events trail-running routes

To create a race track, you must first create an event on Trace de Trail.

Why it is necessary to create an event ?

  • To promote your race in the Trace de Trail calendar
  • To reference your routes in the "Official competitions" section of Trace de Trail and Trail Connect search.

Classify your route as a "competition route"

Once your event has been created, you can create your routes and associate them with your event. To do this, during registration, in step 5,

  • select "competition route" and confirm that you are part of the organization.
  • Select your event from the drop-down menu (or create one if you haven't already done so),
  • Name your race : enter the name of the race only, without date or event name.
  • Select the type of route : official route, route in progress ("temporary"), alternative route, reconnaissance route, signallers' route / race headquarters
  • Add race date
  • Choose private or public mode
  • You can block the gpx download. In this case, users will be able to view the route, but will not be able to load it, and a message will be displayed indicating that the route is only accessible on the day of the event.

Please note : Only events with routes classified as "official" will be published in the Trace de Trail calendar.

The different labels

There are 3 labels for competition routes on Trace de Trail:

Certifies that the route has been evaluated by the ITRA. ITRA points are displayed under the race logo.

FFA (France)
Certifies that the route has been evaluated by FFA (only for FFA official races). FFA points are displayed under the race logo.

Officiel route
This label will be displayed on tracks registered as "official route" by organizers with a Discover pro or Premium pro subscription. It offers additional visibility to the route.

Available tools to prepare high-quality routes

For a competition, it's essential to have quality tracks, firstly to ensure that runners have a quality GPX on race day (a lack of precision will set off the off-route alarm!), and secondly to ensure that the right distances and elevation gains are calculated.

Calculating the right distances and right elevation gains requires a high-quality routes.

Here we explain the different methods for drawing quality routes and tips you need to know

Specific tools for organizers : quick view of track anomalies (heatmap)
Premium pro only

Thanks to this tool, you can identify track anomalies very quickly, thanks to heat maps whiwh identify clusters of points or round trips on the track.

Add sections or create alternative routes