Add points of interest

Points of interest add additional geolocated information to your route. Trace de Trail offers you a large choice of points of interest and many customization options. Discover them in this section :

1. The different kinds of points of interest

On Trace de Trail, you have a wide range of points of interest, in different forms :

  • More than 80 points of interest in the form of icons with customizable colors and contents
  • Points of interest in the form of text labels with pointers and customizable colors

Some points of interest are available for public users, others for professionals, with or without subscription. See details here.

2. Add points of interest on your route

Discover in video (fr)

You can add points of interest when creating a route or when modifying one There are three differents ways to add points of interest :

  • Add a point, using the tool available in the "PI" section at the top of the map

  • Import points of interest from another route (only Discover/Premium suscribers )

  • Duplicate points of interest already on the route (only Premium suscribers )

When you add a point of interest, a window will open with 4 tabs:

"Content" tab

  • Choose the categorie(s) of your POI. You can choose as many as you want. Example : peak, viewpoint, food supply.
  • Specify whether you want to display content in a tooltip or in the table. If you tick one of these boxes, a new field will appear to allow you to add content (title, description, photo or video) and to chose the tooltip location.

A few tips:

  • Selected categories will automatically appear in the tooltip description and in the table in the form of boxes, meaning you don't have to type it twice.
  • Display in the table: your point will be taken into account in the distance and elevation calculation. The title and the categories you chose will be shown in the table.
  • When you select the "Time barrier" (cutoff) category, a specific field will appear. You can type in the date and time, and they will appear in a specific way in the table.

"Map" tab

  • Choose the type of point of interest that you want to add: icon ou label (text)

  • If you chose Icon, you can add up to 3 different ones on a same point. It will allow you to optimize information displayed for a same spot.

  • Customize the size, the colors and the content!


  • You can untick "display on map". In this case, your point of interest will be shown on the table or on the profile (according to what you choose) but will not appear on the map.
  • If you wish to use a custom icon with a letter or a number, be sure to chose "None" in the icons list.

"Profile" tab

  • By ticking "Show on profile", your point will be automatically added on the elevation profile displayed below the map.

  • Choose the icon that you wish to show (only one icon per POI, even if your point of interest on the map has several icons)

  • You can also customize the color of the icon and add text along the axis.

"Volunteers" tab

This section is reserved for professionals users with a Premium pro subscription. Detailed presentation in the toolbox special for organizers